My Piece Of Advice To The 21st Century Youths

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Being a youth is something that is intriguing to everyone across all ages. Whether one is in the teenage bracket or an elderly person, the period of life when one is a youth is when life is at its apex. That’s the age when victims ensure that they try everything out. Be it smoking, drinking, riding, swimming, copulating, and falling in love all the way to achieving financial success. The teenagers do crave to join the bandwagon not knowing whatever is awaiting them. It is like the beginning of a new life different from the life led all through childhood. The elderly who successfully crossed the bridge of being a youth are accomplices of everything they went through. Others wish they go back to that period while others don’t even wish to remember all about it.
In life, the dangerous stage to go through is being a youth and the whole process. Without proper guidance, great mistakes can be accomplished easily especially in this our current century. These are mistakes that probably won’t be forgotten to the deathbed. As individuals get into this stage of life, they have a lot of expectations in mind. The expectations range from getting a good job, good house and a good life partner. A good number of folks in this age live as if there is no tomorrow which isn’t that bad depending on how they apply it. This is because a very small number do plan strategically for life as a whole. Their point of view is like tomorrow will just take care of itself.
Am approaching my last stages of being a youth which makes me a living experience of everything I am saying. I have been through everything that any youth is going through or about to go through. At this point, several errors and mistakes are made and I think as a youth, you just have to be praying to your supernatural Almighty or else you must practice self control so as not to fall under fatal mistakes. Many individuals get to the wrong dimension unknowingly since life has no manual. The manual available are the parents who don’t know much while a few other parents are ignorant to the lives of their children. So a majority of teenagers and youths rely on their friends and peers for instructions on how to live. They do this without remembering that both of them and their peers are undergoing the same thing. Those who are smart enough always rely on the digital perspective where they subscribe and follow sites, social networks and blogs for advice on how to live successful lives. I think this helps since most authors of websites do share what they have experienced in life and show how to avoid the mistakes they made.
Just like most of the youths, I went through my high school life successfully since the objective there was strictly academic success. It was a boarding school of only a single gender so for that reason, I managed to avoid inter-gender chaos about various issues. On joining campus, everything was different. Life there was a new one with minimal instructions about daily routine and the parents too were not so involved if not just the financial back-up. If I say that campus had freedom then that would be an understatement. Almost every student did apply for loans to provide for both daily expenses and fee payment. Since I was from a middle-class family with almost all my brothers and sisters employed, I didn’t have to go for the loan. Right now I am well-off since I have no unpaid financial debts. I had a very close friend known as Tom whom we had been through similar academic institutions since Kindergarten all the way to campus as a matter of coincidence. I knew that probably we would be employed in the same organization after campus but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.
So in our life through campus, Tom was of different aspirations in life as compared to me. I was that type of dude who had to think more than twice before I could decide to do something. On the other hand, my pal Tom was a trial and error type of dude. We attended lectures together due to the fact that we chose the same course. Coming to our lifestyles, drinking was Toms’ thing which he did without moderation while I wasn’t. Just to mention a thing about our love life, I had girlfriends who we broke up occasionally due to reasons best known to me. The relationships I had were somehow mature with laid out foundation and included real love together with affection. At times it felt like it was to culminate into lifelong marriage. My friend on the other hand informed me since our times in high school that marriage wasn’t his thing but he actually loved ladies. I thought he was joking about it but it eventually affected him. That’s why I would advise you to watch the words you utter since there are high chances of them coming true.

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Tom actually enjoyed his life in campus. He did his thing and he was the “there’s no tomorrow kind of dude”. He knew how to spend cash on what he liked. He did all of it and surprisingly he performed better than me in academics. This never made me to feel jealous since he always did better than me since our days in the kindergarten. I guess he had some genetic back-up to that. At times his success in academics did not assure his own happiness. In order to achieve the peak of his positive moods, he laid a good number of ladies. At one time when he was away from campus for some time, he sent me some cash so that I could hand it over to one of his girlfriends who was to use it to get rid of a fetus that was almost getting public. I thought this time he had gone too far and that he would restrain himself a bit but I was wrong.
Now the semesters came and went so fast without noticing. We found ourselves graduating and within a short time we sank into the job world. Life was getting better and more independent. With our own cash, we were obliged to do whatever came in mind. It seemed like Tom didn’t have it all in campus. Without any financial assurance, planning and budgeting, he continued doing his thing. He took more loans to acquire a poshy ride which was actually nice due to the fact that I oftenly escorted him to and from work. His apartment was just a stone-throw away from mine so sometimes we just spent the whole day and night gaming, chatting and watching movies together.
After approximately four years, he got caught up with the Higher Education Loans Board. He therefore had no otherwise other than making a huge payment as fine for evading loan refund. At that time the interest on his HELB loan had risen dramatically which meant that huge chunks of cash had to be slashed from his basic salary to compensate the loan plus the fine. He had to stop his overspending tendencies, something that was hard for him to do. Over some time he couldn’t even manage to send anything to his folks at home in terms of financial support.
One morning I was awoken up with knocks on my door at around 7a.m. which was quite early since I’m always up earliest by 9a.m. On opening the door, I noticed it was my friend Tom. The strange thing was that he had two suitcases with him. I welcomed him in my living room and that’s when he began to speak it all out.
The bank had taken all his properties including the cool ride. His clothes and his phone was all he had in his name. So I allowed him to move in with me for some time before he finds his next move. We stayed together for almost three months even though I didn’t like his behavior of frequently dropping at my place with different ladies. My girlfriend didn’t like it too but since Tom was the only close friend I had, it meant that I had to tolerate all his manners of life. In the fifth month of his stay was when I realized Tom was suffering from Chlamydia. In that same month, two ladies came over with young kids claiming that Tom was the dad to take all responsibilities. Another third lady in that line also arrived at my place claiming that she was expectant with Toms’ baby and abortion has never crossed her mind. All she wanted was for Tom to be responsible. They wanted that same Tom who swore never to get married, to be responsible for unplanned pregnancies.
Tom could not take all that crap, so he kept all of them away. With all this happening, Tom was undergoing medication for his Chlamydia infection which was at its premium stages since it had no symptoms for a good number of years. Life moved on and on as I had found a lady who really loved me and we had been dating for two years. She wanted to move in and Tom was still not in a position to leave or to do things on his own. I explained to Tom how I was planning to start living with my fiancée; a hint that he had to move out. I did not have to give a damn about how he was to survive with his small income. We then discussed it with Tom and he asked me to give him one more month then he will be good to go.
As we were doing things as always and living our lives at our late 20’s getting into our 30’s, something happened. It was just one weekend on a Saturday morning. Both I and Tom were still asleep. I was in my room while Tom was in the next room with a lady he came with from a pub yester-night while both were drunk. Someone was banging at my door uncontrollably. I was wondering who that might be since the only expected visitors were Toms’ friends or my fiancée who was out of town. The banging never stopped and that was the moment I thought that maybe my neighbours house either was on fire or was being attacked by intruders.

by Adekillzy on Aug 1, 2017 12:10 pm

So I rushed towards the door and opened it only to see a young lady with a knife ready to attack. My conscience quickly made me to move aside just micro-seconds into being stabbed. She stormed into the living room jumping and throwing everything to the ground shouting out bitterly on top of her voice, “Where is this stupid Tom!” more than four times.
It was at this moment that I totally got out my slumber and I confirmed that it wasn’t a dream. I could not imagine that my house that close to turning into a murder scene. I watched the drama for a moment since I could not confront the lady with the knife. It was at that moment that I wished I had attended some combat lessons. Afterwards, the lady who was in bed with Tom came to the living room staggering half-naked to see what in the heck was producing so much noise. The lady with the knife thought that the other lady was with me so she turned to me shouting, “Where is that stupid friend of yours?” Before I could even utter a word in response, Tom revealed himself into the living room. That was the moment the lady with the knife ran towards him to attack.
Tom struggled with the lady to an extent where he got cut on his palm and he started bleeding. I was watching not knowing what to do but on seeing blood, I rushed and grabbed the lady on the right hand that had the knife. I then shouted to the other lady to hold the left arm firmly since she was now sober screaming for help. I then twisted the wrist a bit on the hand with the weapon to let her go off the knife and I was successful in doing that. So I took the knife and we now left the lady who continued throwing blows to Tom shouting “Why? Why? Why?” I had never seen this lady ever since. So I wondered how and where Tom met with her.
After all that drama, everything cooled down and the new lady started sobbing as she sat down on the seat. At that time I was carrying out first aid on Tom’s palm to stop the bleeding. We sat down and I gave the lady who continued sobbing a glass of water. It was at that time that I started figuring out her face that seemed familiar. The moment that she started explaining herself was when I realized that we were with her in the same university but she was par-taking a different course. Tom too could not remember her quit well. Thereafter she continued saying her story as tears continued rolling down her face.
She said that she met Tom in pub during our last semester in campus. They had a few drinks then they exchanged phone numbers but Tom never followed her up. After graduation, she was alone and lonely and she had no man in her life. In her phones contact list, it was Tom who was the only guy she could resort to. Even though they had met a couple of months ago, she thought of Tom to be the best prey to pounce on. So she hit up on him and Tom as always was a hero in doing his thing. This was the only opportunity she had to give away her virginity so as to begin a new life as a real woman. It was a form of “sexual baptism” to her in some way, so it happened without any strings attached and also unprotected but the lady had taken her pills. This meant that pregnancy wasn’t to be among the outcomes other than sexual pleasure.
After that, everyone went their own way and now five years down the line, she started experiencing continuous illnesses. She took some medications but it didn’t seem to assist the problem. Then she said that it was just three days ago when she made up her mind to test for HIV. The results came back that she was positive. This was so surprising since she has never and wasn’t at the moment in any active sexual relationship. The only guy that she ever had sex with was Tom and to make matters worse, it was an unprotected one. She said that there could be no other source of the virus if not her encounter with Tom. To this point, everything was out-naked and clear. That was why she stormed my place throwing insults and attempting to be involved in a homicide. The other new lady who spent a night in my house asked Tom, “Is it true?” and she never got an answer which made her to understand the concept better.
Tom just stood up and walked out of the house into the streets. That was the last time I have ever set my eyes on Tom. He never came back since that day. His people came to my place weeks later asking his whereabouts but I never knew how to explain it to them. Tom never showed himself up anymore. I came to think that was it that he went to test himself too or what? Other than this, I also thought of many other rhetoric questions. I do not know what he did to himself, where he went or where he is right now. I wish he could have told me something but it seems the burden he was carrying was too heavy for him. Leave alone for someone else.

by Adekillzy on Aug 1, 2017 12:14 pm

It has been six years since Tom walked away. Things have changed and life goes on but his life experience is one worth sharing. I know some of you reading this are going through the same. You can use Tom’s life experience to make your own better. It is never too late. Life is short but as short as it is, we have to appreciate it and live it appropriately. It is your turn now, think about it. Would you wish to end up like Tom? Ask and answer to yourself because this life am talking about is yours. When you are gone, you are gone and you can’t anything about it. Live a positive life knowing that is a gift that is only offered unto us once. Life is a play, act it well.

by Adekillzy on Aug 1, 2017 12:15 pm

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