[YL Music] Joecee Ft. Franky x Double B – “Mogbe”

Olatayo Joseph Adewale (A.K.A Joecee) is a Nigerian hip hop artist, he registered his name in the hearts of people as an up-coming super star with his latest hit titled Mogbe. This song is certainly a masterpiece and it has taken the entertainment industry with awe since its release.
Produced by Darry P and featured by Franky & Double B, ‘Mogbe’ is a song with a lot of savour, flavour and sensation, setting listeners aglow.

‘Mogbe!’ is an exclamation in Yoruba (one of the three major Nigerian Languages) that means ‘I am in problem’ or ‘I am finished’. It is literally used when one loses or about losing something so dear and precious to him/her.
The singer is pleading with a lady who is about calling it ‘off’ with him, not too long into their relationship.

Enjoy it and share the Joecee vibes!



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